dollar bill meaning in Hindi

dollar bill sentence in Hindi
• डॉलर का नोट
dollar:    डाँलर अमरीकी
bill:    प्राप्यक फरसा तंग
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  1. It seems BRI is not alone with this strange dollar bill mentality.
  2. Rollerbladers braked to drop dollar bills into IpolitoUs yawning maroon guitar case.
  3. It was a masterly segue that drew both laughs and dollar bills.
  4. Dollar Bill bet his bankroll on making health care his breakthrough issue.
  5. The NFL made Tampa feel it would be showered with dollar bills.
  6. Dollar Bill is always dodging a loan shark he owes money to.
  7. Washington looks like because we all have dollar bills in our wallets.
  8. The dollar coin would be more durable and economical than dollar bills.
  9. Business school graduates waved dollar bills as the president awarded their MBAs.
  10. You might laugh : those are the words on the dollar bill.
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  1. a piece of paper money worth one dollar
    synonyms:dollar, one dollar bill, buck, clam

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