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dock:    घाट चूक डॉक
yard:    अहाता आंगन गज गज़
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  1. The Post Office of the area is named'Rajabagan Dock Yard'with the Pin code 700044.
  2. This is a new small rail yard called the Danbury Line Dock Yard Improvements.
  3. The spell in dry dock was extended due to dock yard strikes and she did not sail again until October.
  4. The Admiralty sent thirteen capstans with blocks and chains from the dock yard at Plymouth, and contributed ?5 towards expenses.
  5. In October 1968 Austin & Pickersgill took over Bartram & Sons Ltd, whose South Dock yard was also in Sunderland.
  6. Burning cotton bales fell from the sky on docked ships, on the dock yard, and on slum areas outside the harbour.
  7. He became President of the Portsmouth Dock Yard Bible Association in 1817 and was an active supporter, with his wife, of Missions to Seafarers.
  8. County-supremacy legal theorists argue that the Constitution limits federal land control to " forts . . . arsenals, dock yards and other needful buildings ."
  9. "' Giulio Ceretti "', ( 1868, Bologna  1934 Milan ) was an dock yards in order to speed-up the loading and unloading of cargo ships.
  10. Three of the houses on the then foreshore, part of the shipyard before the Admiralty Dock Yard was built, are still standing but are heavily altered.
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