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• गोदी कामगार

• डॉक कर्मकार
dock:    घाट चूक डॉक
worker:    कार्यकर्ता मजदूर
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  1. The line continued to carry large numbers of passengers, especially dock workers.
  2. It called for training for all dock workers on recognizing fire risks.
  3. In March, the dock workers'unions called two one-day strikes . ( km)
  4. Dock workers are moving toward calling a strike that would cripple the islands.
  5. _A small protest in favor of thousands of striking dock workers in Australia.
  6. It displaced many thousands of dock workers who formerly handled break bulk cargo.
  7. Baker's grandfather Daniel Browne worked as a dock worker and a construction foreman.
  8. Patrick said it could not afford to pay the dock workers.
  9. Historically dock workers were hired to carry the " pasos ".
  10. A dock worker by day, Mr . Cahill was a rebel by night.
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  1. a laborer who loads and unloads vessels in a port
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