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  1. Every division ring is therefore a division algebra over its center.
  2. The only non-associative division algebra is the algebra of octonions.
  3. Because it is possible to divide quaternions, they form a division algebra.
  4. See for example normed division algebras and Banach algebras.
  5. The Brauer group arose out of attempts to classify division algebras over a field.
  6. If, then cannot be a division algebra.
  7. Associative division algebras have no zero divisors.
  8. :There are useful algebras that have neither a norm nor that are division algebras.
  9. Okubu's example was the algebra of 3 by 3 non-associative division algebra.
  10. Shafarevich stated his theorem for local fields in terms of division algebras rather than the fundamental class.
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