distinctive feature meaning in Hindi

distinctive feature sentence in Hindi
असमान गुण
विशेष गुण
सुस्पष्ट विशेषता

अपरिच्छेदक अभिलक्षण
distinctive:    अपरिच्छेदक
feature:    चिह्न मुखाकृति
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  1. The Indian Constitution also has some distinctive feature.
    भारतीय संविधान मे कुछ विभेदकारी विशेषताए भी है
  2. So the distinctive feature of the Indian character can be called religiousness .
    इस तरह भारतीय चरित्र की इस अलग विशिष्टता को धर्मिकता कहा जा सकता
  3. The ruined brickwork superstructure has lost many of its distinctive features .
    इनके ईंटों की बनी अधिरचनाओं के नष्ट हो जाने से इनकी अपनी अनेक विशिष्टताएं नष्ट हो गई हैं .
  4. The procedure for constitutional amendment , as spelled out in that article , has certain distinctive features which clearly mark out the Parliament 's constituent capacity from its ordinary role as a legislature .
    संविधान में संशोधन करने की प्रक्रिया के कुछ विशेष तत्व हैं जिनसे संसद की एक विधानमंडल के यप में साधारण भूमिका से उसकी संविधायी क्षमता का स्पष्ट भेद किया गया है .
  5. THE VIMANA TEMPLE Since the vimana form is the most characteristic and distinctive feature of the southern temple as opposed to the characteristic prasada temple of north and central India , it would be useful in this context to define it briefly and understand its general features , as also the variations of its form , plan and rise .
    विमान मंदिर चूंकि उ


  1. an odd or unusual characteristic

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