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• विस्थापित जन
displaced:    विस्थापित
people:    कौम सामान्य
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  1. Huge numbers of displaced people are on the move as events unfold.
  2. UNHCR says there are some 22 million refugees and displaced people worldwide.
  3. The first alternative for most displaced people is rental housing, officials said.
  4. That is not counting some 200, 000 displaced people within Chechnya itself.
  5. There have been tens of thousands of displaced people in recent weeks.
  6. The predominant problem we have in the south is internally displaced people,
  7. We must open emergency lifelines to the refugees and displaced people now,
  8. But at the same time the displaced people must be adequately compensated.
  9. The displaced people found shelter in schools or along the broken embankments.
  10. Many of the insurgents and displaced people come from the same villages.
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