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  1. Each vertex is surrounded by 4 truncated tetrahedral cells in a tetragonal disphenoid vertex figure.
  2. For example, the tiling in the 3D case of the function is an orientation of the tetragonal disphenoid honeycomb.
  3. The snub disphenoid can also constructed from the square antiprism by replacing the two square faces by pairs of equilateral triangles.
  4. Although a regular tetrahedron can not tessellate space alone, this dual has identical disphenoid tetrahedron cells with isosceles triangle faces.
  5. We also have that a tetrahedron is a disphenoid if and only if the center in the circumscribed sphere and the inscribed sphere coincide.
  6. The other three polyhedra with this property are the pentagonal dipyramid, the snub disphenoid, and an irregular polyhedron with 12 vertices and 20 triangular faces.
  7. Because this construction involves the solution to a cubic equation, the snub disphenoid cannot be constructed with a compass and straightedge, unlike the other seven deltahedra.
  8. The snub disphenoid ( " J " 84 ) is another deltahedron, constructed by replacing the two squares of a square antiprism by pairs of equilateral triangles.
  9. Spheres centered at the vertices of the snub disphenoid form a cluster that, according to numerical experiments, has the minimum possible Lennard-Jones potential among all eight-sphere clusters.
  10. The term "'dodecadeltahedron "'is sometimes used to distinguish the bipyramid from the Platonic solid, although in chemistry this term more often refers to the snub disphenoid.

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