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  1. Most populations of the western marsh harrier are migratory or dispersive.
  2. They are also dispersive since different frequencies travel as different speeds.
  3. For an achromatic dispersive lens the converse must be adopted.
  4. However, this result was consistent with both semiconservative and dispersive replication.
  5. Usually, the detector used is a non-dispersive infrared spectrophotometer.
  6. Most birds are sedentary but some are nomadic or dispersive.
  7. For instance electromagnetic waves in vacuum are non-dispersive.
  8. During this dispersive stage the beetle transports the nematode to other trees.
  9. But what about a pure monochromatic wave traveling through a dispersive medium?
  10. First, since its effectiveness was only in the dispersive at resonance.
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  1. spreading by diffusion
    synonyms:, ,

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