dislocate meaning in Hindi

[ 'disləkeit ] sound:
dislocate sentence in Hindi
• संधि भंग करना
• जोड़ उखाड़ना
• अव्यवस्थित कर देना
• बाधा ड़ालना
• जोड़ उखाड़ना
• सरकाना
• उतारना
• हटाना
• भंग करना
• गड़बड़ कर देना
• अव्यवस्थित करना
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  1. After Hellestrae dislocated a finger, Johnston handled three punt snaps.
  2. Parmalee played most of the game with a dislocated right thumb.
  3. Humphries missed the Atlanta game because of a dislocated left elbow.
  4. They said he had dislocated his ankle jumping onto the tracks.
  5. Oakley has played the whole season with the partly dislocated toe.
  6. I hoped I'd just dislocated my thumb ."
  7. Officially, he has a subluxation, a partly dislocated shoulder.
  8. Then he dislocated his shoulder in practice and missed five games.
  9. Unions are blocking the abolition of programs that serve dislocated workers.
  10. And to think he dislocated his shoulder only a week ago.
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  1. put out of its usual place, position, or relationship; "The colonists displaced the natives"
  2. move out of position; "dislocate joints"; "the artificial hip joint luxated and had to be put back surgically"
    synonyms:luxate, splay, slip

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