dish cloth meaning in Hindi

dish cloth sentence in Hindi

dish:    डिश थाली पदार्थ
cloth:    कपड़े का कपड़ा
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  1. Dion says, " I could maneuver this thing on moist dish cloths ."
  2. She then manages to shove a plastic bag and a dish cloth down his throat, killing him.
  3. Towels in U . S . S . R . days were about the size of dish cloths.
  4. Pavarotti rejected that substitution, saying in Italian, " What are you doing with that dish cloth ? " the boy's grandfather recalled.
  5. Over the years, Denise Thomason has cut, torn, ripped up hundreds of towels, sheets, blouses, wash cloths, dish cloths, handkerchiefs, socks, panties.
  6. Here, the grated potatoes are strained to extract most of the water by folding in a dish cloth or pressing in a sieve or against a hard surface.
  7. One resident was pulled roughly by the arm and screamed at after using a dish cloth to wipe up spilled water from the kitchen floor, the report says.
  8. I had this dish cloth _ it was wonderful, all different colors, made out of scrap threads _ and I framed it and hung it over the kitchen sink.
  9. The 3M Co . wins this year for going all out to portray the common sponge and dish cloth as villainous agents of disease, responsible for the spread of E . coli, salmonella and other causes of food poisoning.
  10. There next to the church of St . Michael the Archangel, where cracks run up the side walls into a now precarious belfry, Rina Armillei stood on Monday over piles of sweaters and dish cloths, chests without drawers and a jumble of pots and pans, rescued from the house inhabited by her husband's family for generations.
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