disconcert meaning in Hindi

disconcert sentence in Hindi
• क्षुब्ध कर देना
• बिगाड़ना
• बिगाड़ना
• घबरा देना
• व्याकुल करना
• निष्फल करना
• नष्ट करना
• व्यर्थ कर देना
• अशांत कर देना
• वृथा करना
• क्षुब्ध कर देना
• घबराना
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  1. It is not our aim to disconcert you with these inquiries.
  2. These sorts of disparities in judgement are what disconcert many.
  3. This disconcerts his opponents, because the usual defenses don't apply.
  4. In his focus sessions, an instructor did all he could to disconcert Watters.
  5. It creates a distance between Shuvo and Nijhum which made Nijhum upset and disconcert.
  6. It contains enough to disconcert almost everyone.
  7. "My daughter, let nothing frighten or disconcert you; remain deeply at peace.
  8. The Emmerich show includes several of these, and they have lost none of their power to disconcert.
  9. "The atmosphere at Barcelona's stadium can be so fearsome that it disconcerts opposing players.
  10. Yet she also disconcerts us with her insistence on the constrictions and limitations that dominate human experience . 
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  1. cause to lose one''s composure
    synonyms:, , ,
  2. cause to feel embarrassment; "The constant attention of the young man confused her"
    synonyms:, ,

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