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  1. where \ delta ( t ) is the Dirac delta function.
  2. where is the ordinary one-dimensional Dirac delta function.
  3. The Dirac delta function can be rigorously defined either as a measure.
  4. For example it is not meaningful to square the Dirac delta function.
  5. Examples include states whose wavefunctions are Dirac delta functions or infinite plane waves.
  6. The superscript 2 indicates that the Dirac delta function is in two dimensions.
  7. The residence time distribution function is therefore a dirac delta function at \ tau.
  8. where \ delta is the Dirac delta function.
  9. Thus, the power spectral density function is a set of Dirac delta functions.
  10. Under certain conditions, the Kronecker delta can arise from sampling a Dirac delta function.

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