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  1. They form a complete set of commuting operators for the Dirac algebra.
  2. For details, see bispinor and Dirac algebra.
  3. The specific Clifford algebra employed in the Dirac equation is known today as the Dirac algebra.
  4. For the higher order elements of the Clifford algebra in general, and their transformation rules, see the article Dirac algebra.
  5. This representation, which is detailed in the article on the Dirac algebra, acts in the passive sense on the themselves.
  6. They extended this approach further to relativistic phase space by applying the phase space interpretation of Mario Sch�nberg to the Dirac algebra.
  7. For a full description of the remaining basis elements other than and of the Clifford algebra, please see the article Dirac algebra.
  8. The Dirac algebra and the Duffin Kemmer Petiau algebra appear as special cases of the parafermionic algebra for order p = 1 and p = 2, respectively.
  9. However, in contemporary practice, the Dirac algebra rather than the space time algebra continues to be the standard environment the spinors of the Dirac equation " live " in.
  10. Consequently, we can make a projection operator from it that projects out the sub-algebra of the Dirac algebra that has spin oriented in the ( a, b, c ) direction:

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