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  1. By contrast, the isoelectronic dinitrogen molecule has no dipole moment.
  2. There are two competing models for the nature of these dipoles.
  3. A variety of factors are responsible for the surface electric dipole.
  4. Thus the log-periodic dipole arrays ) as television antennas.
  5. Magnetic field constrains the orientation of magnetic dipoles in the refrigerant.
  6. Polar molecules interact through dipole dipole intermolecular forces and hydrogen bonds.
  7. The folded dipole has a wider bandwidth than a single dipole.
  8. The folded dipole has a wider bandwidth than a single dipole.
  9. A dipole aerial aligned in east-west direction was installed.
  10. The dipole has a high-lying LUMO of the dipolarophile.


  1. an aerial half a wavelength long consisting of two rods connected to a transmission line at the center
  2. a pair of equal and opposite electric charges or magnetic poles separated by a small distance

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