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  1. Its staff enjoy some diplomatic privileges as well as limited diplomatic immunity.
  2. They are contrary to the Vienna Convention on diplomatic privileges and immunity.
  3. However, early codifications of diplomatic law include the British Diplomatic Privileges Act 1708.
  4. The inspectors said the worst offenders are foreign diplomats who claim diplomatic privilege.
  5. The embassy, invoking diplomatic privilege, refused to turn over the documents.
  6. Turkey refused to hand over the officials involved or the weapons, citing diplomatic privilege.
  7. The police action breached diplomatic privileges and immunity, he said.
  8. Machover also demanded that Israel's Foreign Ministry waive their diplomatic privileges to facilitate investigation.
  9. A nuncio performs the same functions as an ambassador and has the same diplomatic privileges.
  10. One Dutch politician has called on the government to rescind Ms . Duisenberg's diplomatic privileges.

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