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  1. Both styles have their places in a city bemused by dining out.
  2. If it does, just whip out the credit card and dine out.
  3. Dining out in New York City remains the costliest in the nation.
  4. Dining out was not a privilege available to everyone in Communist times.
  5. Others point to the crowded field of new places to dine out.
  6. Which is important, especially when people dine out several times a week.
  7. In their spare time, they love going to movies and dining out.
  8. Friends dining out together can share the pleasure of choosing the wine.
  9. They have been dining out for years on his excesses of temperament.
  10. People dress nicely to dine out-- or even walk the streets.
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  1. eat at a restaurant or at somebody else''s home

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