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• विस्तारक

• विस्फारक
• विस्फारिणी
• स्फारक
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  1. Acutek recently acquired the patent rights for an internal nasal dilator.
  2. Tracheostomy uses skin puncture and dilators to insert the tracheostomy tube.
  3. Vaginal dilators are required postoperatively to prevent vaginal stenosis from scarring.
  4. The Fundamental Dilator is a departure from the concept of Particle.
  5. Clenbuterol, a bronchial dilator, is commonly used during training hours.
  6. It plays a role in the control of the iris dilator muscle.
  7. The dilators can also be used to sound the uterus.
  8. The dilator pupillae is stimulated through noradrenergic receptors by the sympathetic nervous system.
  9. It inactivates the dilator muscle and thereby produces miosis.
  10. Mild cases may be treated with local application of corticosteroids and pupillary dilators.
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  1. a surgical instrument that is used to dilate or distend an opening or an organ
  2. a drug that causes dilation
  3. a muscle or nerve that dilates or widens a body part

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