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  1. The relationship amongst these elements still applies when they are differenced.
  2. In this way every group was differenced with all other groups.
  3. The third son bears his father's arms differenced with a molet.
  4. And, would have been designed and differenced largely by the user himself.
  5. The crest was differenced by placing a golden anchor on the eagle's breast.
  6. These are expressions that are going to be replaced by finite differenced first derivative expressions.
  7. Current policy is that younger children's arms must be differenced if they are matriculated.
  8. :All of these royal grandchildren are entitled to appropriately differenced versions of the royal arms.
  9. The existing supporters were retained, but were differenced by adding a silver anchor to the coronet.
  10. Henry VI of England granted differenced versions of the Plantagenet arms to his maternal half-brothers.
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