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• डायरी प्रणाली
diary:    जंत्री डायरी
method:    संचार कायदा क्रम
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  1. Lower-rated stations claimed the diary method was inaccurate and biased.
  2. However, data collected by diary methods requires much more time to collate and analyse.
  3. In work by Bernsten, the diary method was also applied to the study of involuntary memory chaining.
  4. Before the People Meter advances, Nielsen used the diary method, which consisted of viewers physically recording the shows they watched.
  5. They argued that because they had lower ratings, those who depended on memory for the diary method may only remember to track their favorite shows.
  6. To test this idea, Mace set up a diary method study in which participants recorded involuntary memories they experienced during a two-week period, in a diary.
  7. LPM s more accurately reported full range of what programming viewers watched, including what was observed when channel surfing, in comparison to the diary method it replaced.
  8. These results are sometimes at odds with the results generated with the diary method in which listeners were asked to note each change of their radio dial.
  9. Stations also argued that if it wasn t low ratings that skewed the diary method, it might also be the new variety of channels for viewers to choose from.
  10. Meanwhile, critics of the time diary method say it is biased in the other direction : busy people are too busy to keep diaries, so the method favors the unbusy, a charge Robinson denies.
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