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  1. Such mineralogical changes might equally be considered to be biostratinomic as diagenetic.
  2. The mineral occurs as interstitial grains in sandstone formed under diagenetic conditions.
  3. Later researchers have offered other explanations, from diagenetic gas bubbles to burrow traces.
  4. The chalk nodules which apparently replaced chalk and infilled pore spaces early in the diagenetic history.
  5. In sediments it occurs as authigenic, diagenetic minerals and as a product of hydrothermal deposition.
  6. The changes that occur during this diagenetic phase mainly relate to the reworking of the sediments.
  7. This causes the taphonomic or diagenetic obliteration of fossils, producing gaps and condensation of the record.
  8. Foliation may be formed by realignment of micas and diagenetic metamorphism and low-grade burial metamorphism.
  9. The general conditions leading to post-diagenetic alteration have been described by M�cke ( 1994 ).
  10. Porosity is controlled by : rock type, pore distribution, cementation, diagenetic history and composition.
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