devolve upon meaning in Hindi

devolve upon sentence in Hindi
हस्तांतरित होना
हस्तांतरित कियाना
devolve:    न्यागत होना गिरना
upon:    ऊपर करीब पर लगभग
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  1. Following the death of Major-General Sir 2nd Union Cavalry Brigade devolved upon Muter.
  2. Leadership of his portion of the Suldus devolved upon his son, Shaykh Muhammad.
  3. The baronetcy devolved upon his kinsman, Patrick David Hunter Blair, born in 1958.
  4. Command then devolved upon Lieutenant Nesbit Palmer, who consulted with the other officers.
  5. Command during the battle devolved upon General Israel Putnam and Colonel William Prescott.
  6. Cozy lessons about life will devolve upon Patrick, I thought.
  7. "We do not conceal from ourselves the great responsibility which this duty devolves upon us.
  8. The entire arrangement of the department devolved upon Birch.
  9. His estates devolved upon a relative, Lieutenant General John Folliott, and upon his five sisters.
  10. Reading was still the senior member of the council, and the administration devolved upon him.
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