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  1. James Bond has his Q, deviser of deadly gadgetry.
  2. When the deviser died, I . S . only had the two daughters.
  3. Westwood developed her distinctive visual sensibility while working as a theatre performer and deviser.
  4. Dance devisers seem to enjoy blending new ideas with the traditional though the results vary in popularity.
  5. The devisers of Lincoln Center and of the City Opera never wanted each other in the first place.
  6. A great churchman, Hincmar, Archbishop of Rheims ( 806-82 ), was the deviser of the new arrangement.
  7. And the project went beyond self-education : its devisers saw the library as a resource for group-teaching and correspondence courses.
  8. We bring collaborators together, combining computer games designers with devisers, puppeteers with playwrights, sharing their expertise to create a fusion of disciplines.
  9. The devisers, Simon Bullivant and Bill Matthews, started work on a TV version in 1993 but it was two years before it made it to air.
  10. Doig is also a deviser of puzzles, including the long-running " Brainbox " for the weekly television listings magazine " Radio Times ".
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  1. a person who makes plans

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