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  1. It retained the deviation scoring of the third revision with each standard deviation from the median being defined as a 16 IQ point difference.
  2. The third revision ( Form L-M ) in 1960 of the Stanford Binet IQ test used the deviation scoring pioneered by David Wechsler.
  3. Unlike scoring on previous versions of the Stanford Binet test, SB5 IQ scoring is deviation scoring in which each standard deviation up or down from the norming sample median score is 15 points from the median score, IQ 100, just like the standard scoring on the Wechsler tests.
  4. Unlike mathematics or physics questions, the selection of items, scenarios, and options to assess psychometric " g " were guided roughly by a theory that emphasized complex judgment, but the explicit keys were unknown until the assessments had been made : they were determined by the average of everyone's responses, using deviation scores, correlations, or factor scores.

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