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development:    सुधार उत्थान
officer:    अफसर ओहदेदार
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  1. But some development officers play down the performance of the market.
  2. Previously, Northridge athletics lacked a development officer for two years.
  3. He was a Factory Development Officer in the Ministry of Supply.
  4. Overend is the Ulster Unionist Party Women's Development Officer.
  5. She also worked as a football development officer for Knowsley council.
  6. She was a development officer and lived in Sparks, Nevada.
  7. Livsey was an agricultural development officer for ICI from 1961 to 1967.
  8. The office of Chief Development Officer is in Vikas Bhawan, Roshnabad.
  9. It also provides the Bristol and District Rugby Development Officer.
  10. In 2001, the first AFL development officer was appointed.
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