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विकास उधार निधि
विकास कर्ज निधि
development:    सुधार उत्थान
loan:    ऋण कर्ज उधार रृण
fund:    निधि पूंजी भंडार
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  1. In 2013 Media Development Loan Fund changed its name to Media Development Investment Fund.
  2. Community development loan funds operate differently.
  3. Sasa Vucinic, director of the Media Development Loan Fund in Prague, told the World Bank seminar when he announced Soros'initiative.
  4. Other pioneer microfinance investors include the $ 500 million MacArthur Foundation, which earns market rates lending to the Nicaraguan Community Development Loan Fund.
  5. Sandy Weil, a San Francisco property manager, has invested in the Northern California Community Development Loan Fund in San Francisco for five years.
  6. Stuart Auerbach, director of development for the Media Development Loan Fund, an American foundation assisting independent news organizations, described the situation as horrible.
  7. Community-based investments include money deposited by socially responsible investors in community development banks and credit unions, community development loan funds and micro-enterprise loan funds.
  8. _Microenterprise development loan funds get money from grants, not investors, and tend to make smaller loans _ $ 500 to $ 10, 000 _ to individual entrepreneurs.
  9. With colleagues Matthei guided the development of 25 regional loan funds and organized the National Association of Community Development Loan Funds, later known as the National Community Capital Association.
  10. Kansas City, Kan ., applied for $ 5 million to help trigger the redevelopment of Indian Springs Shopping Center and $ 4 million for a business development loan fund.
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