development history meaning in Hindi

development history sentence in Hindi

विकासात्मक इतिवृत्‍त
development:    सुधार उत्थान
history:    तवारीख पूर्ववृत्त
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  1. You can't say notability in web development history is not notability.
  2. Also, where is the main discussion / development history for this new skin?
  3. Automation is a theme which runs throughout the development history of the software.
  4. His Web site highlights what he claims is Cypher's dubious product development history.
  5. The'clauses'are an important early signpost in both the human rights and development histories.
  6. Sources differ on the development history, but the gun itself was of conventional design.
  7. I've cut a bunch of the development histories of the ships out as extraneous.
  8. But this was the end of 2-4-0's F1 development history.
  9. If you like we will take away the development history.
  10. He graduated from Nanjing University, where he majored in European capitalism and social development history.
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