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डेवेलपन काल
विकास काल
developing:    विकासक विकासी
time:    युग समय देखना
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  1. Here Hodge meets Barbara Haggerwells, an emotionally disturbed research scientist on the verge of developing time travel.
  2. Bliss, TX, where she worked as an attack operations officer developing time sensitive targeting in theater missile defense in south-west Asia.
  3. Sanders joined the team late from baseball, and injuries prevented him from practicing efficiently, learning the offense and developing timing with Aikman.
  4. Grbac, however, has struggled mightily trying to run the offense and developing timing and chemistry with his teammates on and off the field.
  5. As part of its educational efforts, 9to5 established the Job Retention Project in 1987 to assist office workers in developing time-management, goal-setting, and problem-solving skills.
  6. Time and attendance soon began generating the majority of the company s revenue, and in 1997 the company's board decided to focus on developing time and attendance software.
  7. A " CI " of around 0.65 may be obtained by reducing the sodium metabisulphite in "'A "'to 10g, or by increasing the developing times by about 10 %.
  8. The following developing times ( minutes at 20�C, four spiral tank inversions per minute ) will yield negatives of enlarging quality ( contrast index " CI = 0.58-0.60 " ).
  9. Gaius can therefore be seen as writing at a developing time in the law, although why the others are not mentioned at all in the " Institutes of Gaius " is not known.
  10. To achieve exact results, small-tank development was often the preferred process and " clip testing " ( developing a small piece cut from a roll to test developing times and dilutions ) was usually done.
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