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  1. Celebrate the pioneer spirit while deploring the deracination of the Indians.
  2. His most recent texts deal with issues of exile, expulsion and deracination.
  3. The missions aimed at conversion and cultural deracination, which were naturally unwelcome to the target population.
  4. Estrin captures the era's deracination well when Gregor simply says, " I think this is purposeful ignorance ."
  5. Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, and their comrade bands DNA, defined radicalism not as a return to roots but as deracination.
  6. Asked by Anna James to sum up the book in three words, Zo?Wicomb answered, " Home, deracination, family secrets ."
  7. As it does for so many in the alternative-country audience, this sense of deracination no doubt plays a part in Harris's search and reverence for musical authenticity.
  8. In these times, when the deracination of American life pulls us away from family and makes it harder to grieve together, Americans are searching for ways to make the grief process more understandable.
  9. Detractors of the program argue that considerable resources have been wasted in settling people who have not been able to move beyond subsistence level, with extensive damage to the environment and deracination of tribal people.
  10. Gates attacks the idea that black scholars are cut off from the deprivations of ordinary blacks ( " Yale done spoilt more good Negroes than whiskey, " the critics of deracination used to say ).
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