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अप्रतिष्ठित करना
पंख उखाड़ना
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  1. Scaly face is caused by the same mite responsible for scaly foot and other related mites cause depluming.
  2. Apple subsequently sued Think Secret editor " Nick dePlume ", claiming that the site's reports violated trade secret law.
  3. His first novel, " In a Hail of Bullets ", accrued at least 21 rejections before being accepted by a publisher ( he keeps the first rejection letter he received framed on his office wall as motivation ) and winning the Nom DePlume Society's Tom Straw Award for Mystery Literature.
  4. Seeking to determine the identities of the sites'information sources, Apple issued subpoenas to " AppleInsider " & apos; s and " O & apos; Grady & apos; s PowerPage "'s publishers, the owner of " Think Secret ", dePlume Organization LLC, as well as Nfox . com, and the email service provider for " O & apos; Grady & apos; s PowerPage " for email messages that would identify the confidential source.


  1. strip of feathers; "pull a chicken"; "pluck the capon"
    synonyms:, , , ,
  2. strip of honors, possessions, or attributes

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