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  1. Pepstatin A suppresses the formation of multinuclear osteoclasts dose-dependently.
  2. Fully featured dependently typed languages support deductive verification as a special case.
  3. Plasma amyloid beta levels increased dose dependently over the course of treatment.
  4. Simultaneously, the earth we embraced so dependently convulsed in violent paroxysm.
  5. The proof checking feature makes dependently typed languages closely related to proof assistants.
  6. According to Madhyamaka all dependently co-arisen.
  7. It is considered a highly reliable action for its ability function dependently under adverse and stressful conditions.
  8. For example, Mat�rn hard-core processes are constructed by dependently thinning a Poisson point process.
  9. This also applies to the principle of causality itself, since " everything " is dependently originated.
  10. Furthermore, pepstatin A also suppresses differentiation from pre-osteoclast cells to mononuclear osteoclast cells dose-dependently.
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