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dependable:    भरोसेमंद
flow:    चढ़ाव ज्वार धारा
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  1. A hydroelectric facility requires a dependable flow of water and a reasonable height of fall of water, called the head.
  2. Attracted to the location because of the spring's dependable flow and superior water quality, Bare initially operated the gristmill and general store.
  3. Management, lacking a dependable flow of cash or assets to back regular bank loans, must rely on credit-card debt to cover month-to-month obligations.
  4. There were fears, at first, that with a dependable flow of productions from Glimmerglass to the New York City Opera, a significant part of the Glimmerglass audience _ operagoers traveling from New York _ might stop attending.
  5. Banks throughout the U . S . are trying to expand into business that generate fee income to create a dependable flow of revenue and boost earnings and because lending is subject to the highs and lows of the economy.

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