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  1. Alpha Cygni, called Deneb, is the brightest star in Cygnus.
  2. Deneb is also easily spotted as the tip of the Epsilon Cygni.
  3. Deneb's mass is estimated at 19 solar masses ( ).
  4. Scorpio, you have Galbalagrab; and you, Capricorn, Deneb.
  5. The star known as 61 Cygni is on the other side of Deneb.
  6. Deneb, in the constellation of Cygnus is the prototype of this class.
  7. Exploring, he finds a cage containing two bird-men from Deneb.
  8. Recently, Deneb has asked to participate in Bakraid.
  9. Tecnomatix's main competitor is Deneb Robotics Inc . of the United States.
  10. We learned to spot the summer triangle, Deneb, Altaire, and Vega.
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