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  1. A solo in the Jauk style, which is pantomimed mask dance for demonic characters, was performed by I Made Jimat.
  2. Rothstein notes the group's teachings about extraterrestrials varies greatly from most of the UFO movement, particularly in Hubbard's descriptions of demonic characters.
  3. Shiban explained " we decided late in the process to turn him into this totally demonic character, essentially evil as an entity ."
  4. It improves the single-player form by adding a richer back story and more demonic characters, but it still can't match Quake for multiplayer mayhem.
  5. The Luciferian pig hunters aren't a bad act, either, reminding one of how even demonic characters can be a pleasure to come across if they're adequately rendered.
  6. There were four 2D chess sets to select from : standard white and black icons, arctic and jungle animals, silver and gold pieces, and heroic and demonic characters.
  7. It was originally stated that Shao Kahn is a demonic character, and his monstrous visage from the official comic books, as well as " Mortal Kombat : Shaolin Monks " lends credibility to that.
  8. He said in the video, " The play itself isn't exactly about that; it's about the Sphinx herself as a kind of force of nature, as a demonic character and as an utterly fascinating woman ."
  9. Parham intervened as Asmodeus, a demonic character in Judeo-Christian folklore, walking on buckets made up as cloven hooves and wearing red contacts, a sinewy red body suit, a horned mask and a prosthetic red chin-- a legitimate B-grade horror-movie get-up.
  10. But always among them ( as special servants and spies of Melkor, and as leaders ) there must have been numerous corrupted minor spirits who assumed similar bodily shapes . ( These would exhibit terrifying and demonic characters . )"
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