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• वितरण पाइप
delivery:    डिलिवरी अर्पण
pipe:    लय चिलम सिगार नल
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  1. Steam delivery pipes were outside, like all other PRR modern power.
  2. Al-Jazari's suction piston pump could lift 13.6 metres of water, with the help of delivery pipes.
  3. This has the effect of slightly increasing the volume of the closed-off volume, including the delivery pipe.
  4. This was more advanced than the suction pumps that appeared in 15th-century Europe, which lacked delivery pipes.
  5. The delivery pipe is much less critical since the pressure vessel prevents water hammer effects from traveling up it.
  6. This drop in pressure upon valve closure also helps to avoid the effects of water hammer within the delivery pipe.
  7. The force of the expanding gas drives water downwards from the combustion chamber and accelerates it along the delivery pipe.
  8. Thai model 8 inch x 20 foot long axial flow pump powered by 12 horsepower two-wheel tractor lifting water from an irrigation canal into nearby rice fields via plastic flexible delivery pipe
  9. Last line filters just before the final delivery pipe are strongly recommended in addition to any other filtration system due to fine particle settlement and accidental insertion of particles in the intermediate lines.
  10. Now if the flow rate is reduced to { \ dot { m } } _ B by closing a control valve on the delivery pipe, the static pressure upstream of the valve is increased.
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