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• उतराई
• उतार
• ढलान
• ढाल
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  1. Elytral declivity is slightly shiny, with 4 teeth on each margin side.
  2. And the once-glorious view of the declivity was now completely obscured by trees and brush.
  3. The "'West Lusatian Foothills "'form the northwestern declivity of the Lusatian Highlands.
  4. It was more evident but the declivity of the road has been smoothed out a little ( 22 ).
  5. His body was buried in the road a few rods from the gallows, just at the declivity of the hill.
  6. The battery was constructed about 1705, " upon the second declivity " at the north end of the Rock of Gibraltar.
  7. The villagers were astonished that the machine was able to pump water despite a declivity of 60 degrees and elevation of 270 meters,
  8. Only the declivity of the right ear and the faint downturn in the right corner of his mouth suggest something unaligned in his character.
  9. Peterson erected a " humble cabin " on a hill overlooking Wilmington and cleared away the forest covering the southern declivity of the hill.
  10. With the declivity of the family Davila at the beginning of the 19th century, the building underwent numerous transformations that divided it in two.
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  1. a downward slope or bend
    synonyms:descent, fall, decline, declination, declension, downslope

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