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debarred sentence in Hindi

• रोकना
• वारित
• विवर्जित करना
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  1. The bank also debarred Knowledge Engineering because it is owned by Riper.
  2. Any deviations from prescribed norms led to candidates being debarred.
  3. Firms, individuals, and non-governmental organizations can be debarred.
  4. He was debarred from competing subsequently, but continued to attend and play.
  5. Vaishnava devotees of Jagannath are debarred from the temple.
  6. Finally they were debarred from all sacraments.
  7. The FDA has never debarred a company.
  8. When a barrister became a clerk he was statutorily debarred from acting as a barrister.
  9. After giving birth to a premature son, she was debarred from having other children.
  10. He was debarred from competing after 3 victories, but continued to attend and play.
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