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  1. Charles notices a deadfall, while Bob rushes into the cabin.
  2. Men used deadfall traps to capture larger animals such as deer.
  3. It dashed madly across a deadfall and disappeared into the root ball.
  4. I was thinking we could make a deadfall trap.
  5. Its open jaws display teeth of ash, oak and other deadfall logs.
  6. A day earlier, patrols found four cases of mortar ammunition hidden beneath deadfall.
  7. The episode aired on 15 November 2014, and was called " Deadfall ".
  8. Debris and deadfall from burned trees are common in many of the meadow areas.
  9. Chris and I stood ready on either side as Ralph walked slowly to the deadfall.
  10. Charles manages to lure Bob into a position causing him to fall into a deadfall.
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