daybook meaning in Hindi

daybook sentence in Hindi
• दैनिकी
• रोजनामचा
• रोज़नामचा
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  1. Here is the Pennsylvania Daybook for Monday, June 26, 1995.
  2. These daybooks are not part of the double-entry bookkeeping system.
  3. Weston expressed his frustrations in his'Daybooks ":
  4. To : Assignment Desk, Daybook Editor and Medical Writer
  5. To : Assignment Desk, Environmental Writer, Daybook Editor
  6. To : Assignment Desk, Daybook Editor, Environment Writer
  7. Following are some other upcoming programs that seem worth penciling into your daybook.
  8. The information recorded in these daybooks is then transferred to the general ledgers.
  9. To : Metro and Assignment desks, Daybook Editor
  10. We had not seen him on the daybook.
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  1. an accounting journal as a physical object; "he bought a new daybook"
  2. a ledger in which transactions have been recorded as they occurred

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