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  1. It also dammed up the Madison River and created Quake Lake.
  2. It's got things dammed up, I tell you.
  3. The gorge was dammed and filled with water from the Rubicon.
  4. The Upper Grand Coulee was dammed and turned into Banks Lake.
  5. The Kleine Aare was dammed and Aarberg island became a peninsula.
  6. The South Fork is dammed at Lyons Dam and Strawberry Dam.
  7. Many of the rivers have been dammed to create large lakes.
  8. Rainbow Falls was dammed in 1910 when Rainbow Dam was built.
  9. The lake is dammed by a high unconsolidated terminal moraine dam.
  10. The Matilija Creek tributary is also dammed, by Matilija Dam.
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