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  1. Whatcom County's Conservation District board is dominated by dairymen.
  2. How have ranchers and dairymen reacted to all this new technology?
  3. Children of the dairymen and some television celebrities joined the demonstrations.
  4. He was also President of the Ontario Dairymen's Association.
  5. El Paso dairymen exporting to Ciudad Juarez have had their trucks torched.
  6. That same day, a letter arrived from that very Nashua dairyman.
  7. Dairymen say all they want is a fair price for their milk.
  8. Dairymen can't milk because their cows are stressed.
  9. Western United Dairymen : http : / / www . westernuniteddairymen . com
  10. The Dairyman's State Bank had started in 1914.
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  1. a man who works in a dairy
  2. the owner or manager of a dairy

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