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current:    विद्युत प्रवाह
density:    ऊटपटांग गाढ़ापन
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  1. The current density is uniform across the cross-sectional area of a wire.
  2. This ongoing current in both directions is called the exchange current density.
  3. In fact by defining its current density as the kinetic energy density:
  4. This way, vertical information can be extracted from the current density images.
  5. LMIS produce high current density ion beams with very small energy spread.
  6. High current densities produce continuum emission and tend to favour shorter wavelengths.
  7. Note : Current density has units of ( Amperes / m 2 ).
  8. Since the electric field and the current density are scalar conductivity.
  9. The goal is to find the perturbation electron beam current density
  10. Therefore, the current density decreases and the differential resistance is negative.
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