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  1. He kissed my forehead as the dilation and curettage was completed.
  2. This may be necessary prior to a uterine curettage or biopsy.
  3. Two days after inducing the abortion or a day after the curettage.
  4. Curettage refers to cleaning the walls of the uterus with a curette.
  5. Following any biopsies, an endocervical curettage ( ECC ) is often done.
  6. However, a single curettage often underlies the condition.
  7. The abortionist may have been a doctor with a clinic where curettage is performed.
  8. One risk of sharp curettage is uterine perforation.
  9. These scalers are also useful for root planing, curettage, and surgical debridement.
  10. Suction curettage is the preferred method of evacuation.
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  1. surgery to remove tissue or growths from a bodily cavity (as the uterus) by scraping with a curette

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