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  1. International political culturology is being studied by scholars around the world.
  2. By contrast, " diachronic culturology " is a component of history.
  3. He organised the printing of samizdat culturology literature.
  4. Ural State University's culturology and art faculty has a small exhibition devoted to him.
  5. Today, Alexander Dobrokhotov is a leading Russian philosopher of culture and prominent scholar in culturology.
  6. From this follows an empirical method which forms the foundation of the empirical discipline of culturology.
  7. Yuri Rozhdestvensky founded a school of Culturology at the Department of Language Studies of Moscow Lomonosov University.
  8. He is the founder of Culturology in Azerbaijan and also the President of the Cultural Association Simurgh.
  9. During the 1990s Taras Voznyak has started to actively publish his culturology essays in Ukraine as well as abroad.
  10. He left college after a year, returning in 1990 to study art and culturology and getting his degree in 1996.

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