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  1. It has Tomahawk cruise missiles and torpedoes but carries no nuclear weapons.
  2. Five Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired from U . S . ships.
  3. Cruise missiles alone are unlikely to destroy reinforced headquarters and underground bunkers.
  4. Other research is examining the reconfiguration of cruise missiles for this mission.
  5. The first strikes would likely be delivered by waves of cruise missiles.
  6. I am also awed by the unexpected possibility of that cruise missile.
  7. Allied warships also fired cruise missiles against targets in Yugoslavia as well.
  8. They are warheads for intercontinental ballistic missiles as well as cruise missiles.
  9. The United States responded with cruise missile strikes on Iraqi military targets.
  10. His fate is not in the hands of bombers and cruise missiles.


  1. an unmanned aircraft that is a self-contained bomb

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