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  1. A rivet compression or crimping tool can also deform this type of rivet.
  2. Connection is made by use of a special crimping tool, alternatively by soldering.
  3. Pneumatic and hand-operated cap-seal crimping tools are available.
  4. This shows that the function is just a simple crimping tool, adapted for one specific item.
  5. I have a crimping tool that wraps flat metal bands around wire fence panels to hold the panels together.
  6. Certain Ideal and Eclipse interchangeable dies are in the same format as the Harbor Freight 97420 crimping tool's interchangeable dies.
  7. Based on the description of the " head " piece open and closed, this may be some type of crimping tool.
  8. These cap-seals sit on top of the flanges and are crimped, using a drum cap-seal crimping tool, also called a drum cap sealer.
  9. The sidewalls of the wire barrel are then mechanically compressed ( uniformly deformed ) using a crimping tool to captivate the conductor ..
  10. Hayes'farming products are now marketed by Tru-Test Ltd and include wire strainers, wire dispensers, fence post tools, crimping tools, crimping sleeves and farm gates.

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