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  1. Cribbing is often performed as part of lifting / lowering operations.
  2. Subassemblies that have been disconnected are supported by cribbing until reassembly.
  3. Progressive American architects illustrated this passage by freely cribbing from European precedent.
  4. Cribbing is used when moving buildings in whole, or in part.
  5. Probably get away with cribbing Aquinas word for word.
  6. More bewildering are the shows cribbing from failed series.
  7. Several methods have been devised to prevent cribbing once the behavior has started.
  8. Cribbing is often used in the repair of heavy equipment or farm equipment.
  9. It was built on a pier made of chestnut cribbing filled with stone.
  10. I downloaded his speech, and began cribbing.
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