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• क्रेसिस
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  1. Skulduggery explains that the only person able to create an illusion is Robert Crasis.
  2. In Brazil, the grave accent serves only to indicate the crasis in written text.
  3. In Portuguese, the grave accent indicates the contraction of two consecutive vowels in adjacent words ( crasis ).
  4. They drive to Crasis'house, and he explains that Foe threatened his family so he was forced to disguise Mercy as Francine.
  5. Similarly, synalepha most often refers to elision ( as in English contraction ), but it can also refer to coalescence by other metaplasms : synizesis, synaeresis or crasis.
  6. During the Middle Ages in Europe, the Latin term " complexio " served as the translated form of the Greek word " crasis ", meaning temperament.
  7. The phrase is adjectival, composed of two adjectives, ( " beautiful " ) and ( " good " or " virtuous " ), the second of which is combined by crasis with " and " to form.
  8. It means that in " falamos "'we speak'there is the expected prenasal-raising :, while in " fal�mos "'we spoke'there are phonologically two in crasis :.
  9. If the nominal complement is changed, after " a ", from a feminine noun to a masculine noun and it is now necessary to use'ao'( used naturally by native speakers ), crasis applies:
  10. In linguistic analysis, contractions should not be confused with crasis, abbreviations nor acronyms ( including initialisms ), with which they share some semantic and phonetic functions, though all three are connoted by the term " abbreviation " in loose parlance.
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