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कूरियर सेवा
वाहक व्यवस्था
courier:    दौड़ाहा संदेशवाहक
service:    कर्मचारी सर्विस
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  1. The arrival of the railway resulted in a courier service in Brevik.
  2. It has now expanded its operations into Courier Services and Express Cargo.
  3. The group provided troop carrier and courier service in the Far East.
  4. It's testing its own premium e-mail product called Post Electronic Courier Service.
  5. For example, the bank will offer daily courier service for noncash items.
  6. The Diplomatic Courier Service joined the new Bureau at this time.
  7. The organization assumed many missions including border patrols, and courier services.
  8. The State Department will bear the cost for the courier service.
  9. He paid about $ 32 for courier service in both directions.
  10. The Royal Posts provided a courier service while Henry was campaigning in France.
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