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• काउंटी बरो
• काउन्टी बरो
county:    अभिजात वर्गीय
borough:    बरो पुर राटन बरो
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  1. It was immediately to the north of the county borough of Birmingham.
  2. In the 1930s the County Borough of West Ham commenced slum clearances.
  3. The administrative centre is Pontypool in the centre of the county borough.
  4. The town became a county borough under the Local Government Act 1888.
  5. In 1952 there was a failed attempt to gain county borough status.
  6. The former County Borough of Salford was granted city status in 1926.
  7. Under the Local Government Act 1888 Bury was constituted a county borough.
  8. It instead was added to the county borough of Birmingham that year.
  9. Parts of its western slopes fall within Rhondda Cynon Taf county borough.
  10. Morris remained Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Swansea County Borough Council.
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