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  1. I told them when Michigan punched, we had to counterpunch.
  2. But instead of enjoying the moment, they chose to counterpunch.
  3. Punch and counterpunch, threat and counterthreat, move and countermove.
  4. I think he tries to counterpunch and get one good shot.
  5. The counterpunch would be struck into the face of the punch.
  6. He wrote an'In Memorian'article in Counterpunch recently.
  7. His tepid salesmanship set up Clinton's effective counterpunch.
  8. They gave us a good shot, then we counterpunch.
  9. Every time I put a punch in, he gave a counterpunch,
  10. No missiles, monster trucks or punch-counterpunch strategies.
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  1. a return punch (especially by a boxer)
    synonyms:parry, counter

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